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Terms of Service

TAION Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") uses the terms of service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") related to this service "TAION EXTRA UTILITY PERFORMANCE WEAR" "Terms and Conditions") as follows.

1. General provision

1-1. Scope of this Term and Change

  1. a. This agreement shall apply to the use of this service by us and the user (defined in Article 3).
  2. b. By notifying or notifying by posting on the website or posting on e-mail such as e-mail or the like by the Company as appropriate,
    we will notify you in whole or in part Can be changed.
  3. c. In the event that all or part of this Agreement has been changed, only the changed terms shall be applied for the use of the Service,
    and the User shall follow only the changed terms and conditions.

1-2. Use of this service

  1. a.The user shall use this service in accordance with laws, ordinances, regulations, rules, notices and common service terms of use,
    this agreement and personal information protection policy separately defined by the Company.
  2. b. Minor members can not use this service unless prior consent of qualified legal representatives is obtained.

1-3. Services to Offer

The user can conduct the following acts in this service.
Users can purchase goods etc from our company by using this ser vice according to the method prescribed by our company

2. Membership

2-1. About members

"Membership" as used in this Rules means to accept membership r egistration in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Company after approving /
approving all the contents of these Terms and for those who hav e approved it, Every time you purchase, enter necessary items separately specified by our company and col lectively refer to those who we approved.

2-2. Member registration

  1. 1. Applicants who wish to register for members shall register t heir name, e-mail address, password, or products or services (h ereinafter collectively referred to as "goods, etc.")
     through the Company in accordance with the method separately s pecified by the Company from the member registration page of thi s service. When purchasing, please set up  and enter the address, name,
    telephone number and apply for membership registration.
  2. 2. A minor may not apply for membership registration unless pri or agreement by a qualified legal representative agrees.
  3. 3. The Company may not approve such registration if it falls un der any of the following items.
  1. (1) In violation of the terms relating to any service provided by the Company in the past (including but not limited to the te rms of this agreement and the terms
    of other companies related to each service specified on the sit e) When it turns out that it was receiving a disposition such a s deletion of member registration, etc. by doing
  2. (2) When it is found that false matters are included in the app lication content of applicant who wishes to register for member ship
  3. (3) In the case that we have not fulfilled payment of fee etc co ncerning some kind of service provided by the Company in the past  (including but not limited to services of other companies rel ated to each service specified on the site) ( Including, but not limited to,
     cases in which payment of fee etc is not fulfilled to third par ties related to payment method separately approved by the Compa ny), or long-term goods or goods without just cause In the even t that
    it was found that there was a failure to receive the service ( hereinafter collectively referred to as "goods, etc."), refusal of return / exchange, or other default
  4. (4) In cases where the Company rationally decides that approval of other registrations is inappropriate for the administration and management of this service

2-3. Change of member registration contents

  1. 1. The member shall promptly change the registered contents in accordance with a method separately specified by the Company whe n the name, address, telephone number or any other matter registered in the Company changes in whole or in part I will.
  2. 2. The Company shall not bear any responsibility even if any da mage arises due to the fact that the member did not make change registration as appropriate.

2-4. Suspension of this service and cancellation of member registration

If the member falls under any of the following items, we may su spend the use of this service, delete the membership registrati on,
or take measures we deem appropriate by the member without prio r notification. will do.

  1. (1) in violation of the terms of some service provided by the C ompany in the past (including but not limited to the terms of t his agreement and the terms of other companies related to
    each service specified on the site) When it turns out that it h ad received the disposition such as deletion of member registra tion etc
  2. (2) When it is found out that the registered content contains f alse matters.
  3. (3) In the past or present, we are fulfilling payment of fees, e tc. concerning any service provided by the Company (including s ervices of other companies related to each service specified on the site,
     but not limited thereto) In the absence (including, but not li mited to, cases where payment of fee, etc. is not fulfilled to a third party related to payment method separately approved by t he Company),
    or for a long period without just cause When it was found that there was a failure to accept products etc. etc, refusal of re turned goods / exchange, or other defaults.
  4. (4) Others In the event of violation of any of the terms stipul ated by the Company
    (including, but not limited to, the terms and conditions of o ther companies related to each service specified on the site)。

2-5. Membership cancellation proceedings

Members can withdraw from the company at any time after the pro cedure specified by the Company.
Members shall lose membership at the time the Company receives a withdrawal application from the member.

3. Purchase items

3-1. About purchasing items

  1. 1. When requesting purchase of goods etc., the user shall apply for purchase or use of goods etc. according to the method sepa rately specified by the company.
  2. 2. In accordance with the application under the preceding parag raph, after clicking the button for ordering after confirming th e delivery destination / order details etc. entered /
    registered by the member, a mail to the effect that we will co nfirm the order details will reach the member At the time of doi ng so, a sales contract concerning the product etc.
     shall be established between the user and the Company.
  3. 3. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, i f there is a misconduct or inappropriate act with respect to th e use of this service,
     the Company shall be able to cancel, cancel or other appropria te measures for the sales contract.

3-2. Payment Method

  1. 1. The amount of payment of goods etc. is the sum of the purcha se price of goods including consumption tax and the handling fe e related to this.
  2. 2. Payment of goods etc purchased by this service shall be limi ted to payment by credit card in the name of the user himself o r payment method separately accepted by the company.
  3. 3. When paying with a credit card, the user shall comply with t he terms separately contracted with the credit card company. In connection with the use of credit cards,
    if any dispute arises between the user and the credit card comp any, etc., we will settle the responsibility between the user a nd the credit card company.

3-3. Returning or exchanging items, withdrawing or canceling order

  1. 1. If you are not satisfied with merchandise, you can return it within 7days upon receipt.
    All hangtags must be attached to the garment, and proof of paym ent must accompany the return.
    All returned products must be shipped with the original packaging.
  1. (1) When there is a defect in the product.
  2. (2) When a product different from your order arrives.
  3. (3) In case of damaged goods during delivery.

Returns will be charged an additional return shipping fee of $50 or more, depending on your location.

  1. a:When wear used.
  2. b: When have been damaged or damaged under the customer.
  3. c:When processed, remodeled etc. under customer.
  4. d:When buyed outside our online store.
  1. 2. With regard to refunds, we will apply for the return specifie d in the preceding paragraph in accordance with the procedure s eparately prescribed and for the preceding paragraphs
      (1) to (3) we will be responsible for the cost of returning a nd the selling price, distribution Return shipping fee, points you used to purchase items subject to return,
     or exchange for a substitute item. In addition, even if you wi sh to exchange for substitute goods, you may not be able to exc hange for reasons such as missing items.
     Also, as for "a ~ d", the customer will be responsible for the cost of returning, we will refund the selling price, shipping fee at the point of purchase by the customer,
    points used for purchasing the items subject to return.
  2. 3. With regard to withdrawal and withdrawal of orders, except f or cases where there is a return reason for the company's respo nsibility during the period between the shipment of the item
     and the arrival of the item (at the time of sending the confirm ation mail after confirming the order) You can not withdraw or c ancel your order (For returned goods after goods arrival,
    it shall be as prescribed in paragraph 1 of this Article).
  3. 4. The Company shall not be limited to cases where the user ret urns goods etc. to us without just cause (including return of g oods not applicable to the reason specified in paragraph 1,
    refusal of receipt, unacceptable etc). ), After receiving the item, we will notify the user without delay, specify a reasonab le period of time, and give an order to the user for receipt of the item.
  4. 5. The Company shall preserve the goods for one year from the d ate of giving a notice to the user if there is no instruction f rom the user prescribed in the preceding paragraph
     within a reasonable period I will. In addition, if we receive an order regarding the receipt of goods from the member within the said storage period, we will deliver the goods as they are,
     and the state of the goods (change in quality, deformation, co nsumption, damage or corruption Etc., but not limited to them.) We assume no responsibility at all.
  5. 6. The Company shall notify the user that the storage period of the said product has ended after the storage period of the pre ceding paragraph has elapsed and within seven days from
     the notice date the receipt of the item from the user If there is no instruction on the item, it shall be disposed of accordi ng to disposal or other disposal method specified by the Company .
    In this case, we will not assume any responsibility to users.

3-4. Disclaimer relating to products

  1. 1. With respect to the products, etc. sold through this service and this service, the Company shall not be responsible for the quality, material, function, performance,
    compatibility with other products or other defects, or damage, loss, With regard to profit etc., we do not assume any warranty / burden except in the case prescribed in the preceding article.
  2. 2. With respect to troubles due to unknown delivery destination , etc., by contacting the contact information registered by the member and by delivering the goods etc.
    to the delivery destination specified at the time of purchasing the goods, Perform delivery obligations and be exempted from t he obligation.
  3. 3. On the top page and the sales page of the official selling sit e, regarding the contents of the comment on the item posted by the member using the SNS service,
     even if the contents of the comment contradict the facts, We d o not assume any responsibility to the damage caused to the mem ber who purchased the product,
    unless there is willful or gross negligence on our company.

3-5. Disclaimer relating to products

The user shall not perform any of the following acts. In the ev ent of any damage to our company or a third party in violation of this,
the user shall be responsible for compensating all such damages .
The act of collecting, storing or storing personal information of users, copying, selling, publishing, distributing, publishin g and similar to contents of other users
or other third parties or our company action,Acts infringing on intellectual property rights, portrait rights, moral rights, p rivacy rights, publicity rights and other rights other
than third parties, or copyrights of our company,Disadvantageou s or damaging acts, or acts that may cause them.

3-6. Intellectual property right

All intellectual property rights of contents in the site shall belong to us.

4. Service operation

4-1. About information management

We will collect the following information on user's access hist ory for investigating user's access history and usage situation or for improving service to users.
Cookies issued by the Company are used for the purpose of effect ive advertisement distribution etc. It is not used for collecti ng personal information or for any other purpose at all.

  1. (1) Information on the IP address or user identification number of the portable terminal when the user accesses the server of t his service
  2. (2) User's access information acquired through cookie technolog y that records and saves the date and time the user last visite d the site, the number of visits, etc. * Please understand that the use of this service may be restric ted if you set the cookie rejection setting in the web browser.

4-2. About our service maintenance

In the case of periodic maintenance, inspection and emergency m aintenance of the system for providing this service, temporary suspension or suspension of the provision of this service may b e made in whole or in part.
1. Social anxiety such as system failure and unauthorized acces s from a third party, computer virus infection, fire, earthquake , flood, lightning, heavy snow disaster, war, civil war, terrori sm, riot,
When the operation of the system became difficult due to
2. We are requested based on reasonable grounds from administra tive or judicial organizations, or when our company determines that it is inevitable to stop or cancel the system

4-3. Other

In the event of problems that can not be solved with respect to the use of this service, we shall discuss and resolve in good faith between us and the users.